The Foundation
Joanna Scott & Others
Registered Charity Number 311253

The Foundation of Joanna Scott and Others was set up under the will of Joanna Scott dated 1709, and now it operates under schemes laid down by The Board of Education and by The Charity Commission.

Under these schemes the Trustees of the charity may make grants for education (fairly widely defined) to young Norwich people aged under 25 whose homes are within 5 miles of Norwich City Hall or who attend a school within that area and whose parents are not able to afford the expense involved. Examples vary from nursery fees to degrees, and can include school uniform, trips, music, dance and gym tuition. Funds, however, are limited.

The Trustees meet four times a year, but there is a subcommittee who can agree small grants.

How to apply for a grant

Download an application form in either (.docx) or (.pdf) format and post or email as indicated on the relevent form.

GeneralGeneral Grant(.docx)General Grant (.pdf)

Higher EducationHigher Education (.docx)Higher Education (.pdf)

School Residential TripsSchool Residential Trip (.docx)School Residential Trip (.pdf)

School UniformSchool Uniform (.docx)School Uniforn (.pdf)

Any further enquiries please phone: 'The Foundation for Joanna Scott & Others'
Telephone: 01603 632225